BE ME Retreat

Breathe • Embody • Move • Energize


B.E.M.E is an acronym that stands for Breathe, Embody, Move and Energize! The name in itself describes The Retreat! 

Connect with your Breath, Embody the fluidity within Movement, and Energize yourself in the natural environment of beautiful Jenner, California. Learn breathing techniques to bring your mind and body into balance, while being surrounded by the vibrational flow of the sea. 

Where the mouth of the Russian River meets the Ocean, at the Jenner Inn, from Sunday, April 29th to Monday, April 30th, move in new ways.  In these two days you will use, breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and stress, hike the coastal trails, and practice restorative yoga. You will also learn the benefits of movement on the mind in a presentation called Movement as Mental Medicine.  Discover how to use breathing and movement to calm your mind and body with progressive relaxation techniques. Join the B.E.M.E Retreat to observe and listen to the space deep within you and find your own unique way of being!


Give yourself the gift of space and time with this memorable event!

Find your sanctuary deep within, through
Breath, Embodiment, Movement and Energy!  


BeMe Retreat 2018